We empower individuals through movement of the body and the mind.


Much of our suffering is a creation of conditioned behaviour. This conditioned behaviour can be grounded in a mind state that responds in fear and creates a reaction with little contemplation to the quality and nature of our response.

Through the practice of yoga, we seek to expose and eliminate afflicted states. We train the mind and body towards positive, wholesome states, not yet existing by practicing the opposite.

Through the practice of dance, we begin to create a dialogue between our mind and our muscles bringing the sequence of movements to life with the music.

Through movement we find compassion to illuminate our true blissful nature.

“It is not enough to follow the heart. You must train the heart” ~Ajahn Sumedho, Buddhist monk


Akhanda Yoga

To awaken the mind to deeper realizations, each class is designed to work through the chakras in the body by way of mudras, breath-work (pranayama), mindful mantras, and visualization.

Join us for a variety of class styles designed for different times of day, inclinations and purposes.

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Shaktiflow dance

Was created to offer an exploration of movement, all which seeks to create extension in the body and is an experience in coming to know an expression of your true blissful self.

Many of the classes we offer are beginner friendly with little to no dance experience.

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