For dance you will need:
Comfy clothing for movement, Bold lips, knee coverups for floor work (optional)

The Sirens class is an exploration of movement, strength, and passion. You unapologetically and without judgement seek the beauty within; coming to know a side of yourself you have either forgotten, ignored, or may have never explored. Coming to know, with every movement, thought, and breath that arises, an expression an extension of your femininity.

This class carries the essence of Bollywood, Hip-Hop, Bellydance and, wraps it altogether with the saucy sweetness of Burlesque. Hair whips? Definitely.

Sirens is about women coming together to celebrate their bodies, the grace within, and the suppressed sensuality that lays dormant, waiting to be awakened, to claim their place in the world.

Arise in bliss when you recognize that every pore of your body radiates beauty, love, and completion in all that you are; the ferocity of the Woman you are.

We manifest the strength within, and allow it to guide us forward. Learning to move with purpose, with confidence.

Unashamed and Unapologetically, we rightfully claim our place in the world.

Together, we break boundaries.

p.s. ~ Red Lipstick is a must. We bringing sexy back.

Class resumes on January 11th

Drop-in $20

I was apprehensive trying out Bollywood dance for the first time as I had no dance background, but the moment that I stepped into Shrina’s class my nerves went away. She has such a wonderful energy and enthusiasm that she brings to every class. Highly recommend!


Folk dancing has a way of pulling people in and creating the feeling of community.

In this class, we explore dance styles from Gujarat and Rajasthan, garba and ghoomar, where the movements are loud and full. The body remains engaged in each action to complete the narrative, yet the embodiment of the feminine and masculine energy and human spirit pulls a fierce elegance through each step.

A variety of spins, clapping, and moving into formations are explored. However, what remains integral to the dance form is the symbol of the circle, viewed as spiritual because it translates to the idea of unity within the community.

The feet play with the bass and the hands narrate the words, the music and body illustrate the interaction between the individual and the energies that surround us.

Ghoomar teaches us to flow with the rhythm life presents, manifesting both strength and lightness in each action while remaining mindful to move as part of a bigger whole.

**Must have a basic understanding of movement and rhythm to register for this class.

Class start day January 16th

For dance you will need:
Dancing skirt and comfortable top


For dance you will need:
comfortable clothing for movement

Do you need to brush up on your Bollywood foundations?
or are you new to Bollywood? to Dance?

This class is designed for the beginner student and returning Bollywood students looking to build on foundations.

Working with simple movements, you will learn basic footwork and a variety of hand sequences and gestures.
In each class we will build and layer skills, tricks to coordinate the movements into muscle memory, and finally bringing emotion to the dance.


I’ve always wanted to dance like the girls in the movies but never thought I had the talent. After taking some classes with Shrina though, I’ve not only learnt my favourite moves from the big screen I’ve also gained a confidence. Shrina can take anyone of any skill level and transform them into a Bollywood hero or heroine.

Fusion Flow

For dance you will need:
comfortable clothing for movement

Fusion Flow incorporates the foundations of Indian classical dance forms with the stylings of popular mainstream dances. Shrina effortlessly weaves traditional and classical Indian dance elements with a variety of  dance styles, ranging from Hip-Hop, Bellydance, and Contemporary, resulting in a unique and challenging style of Bollywood dance.

Students will learn how to move mindfully with the music, gaining an understanding of rhythm and flow as well as insight into dance concepts such as isolation, and learning how to build and layer movements.

This class seeks to provide a strong foundation for a beginner dancers. Each class will begin with stretching, a strong warmup, and finish with cooldown. Shrina recommends bringing an extra change of clothes, water and an open mind-to simply let go and enjoy, allowing the music to take you on a journey.

Class begins January 17!  Check the Schedule




B3  is a dance fitness workout and stands for Bollywood Bhangra Bootcamp...