B3  is a dance fitness workout and stands for Bollywood Bhangra Bootcamp, incorporating dance aerobics, free-hand weights, and a core workout.

The class is centered around music and uses simple movements of Bollywood and Bhangra dance to get your body moving.

Songs are selected and structured to provide the body with levels of high and low intensity to facilitate fat burning and adequate rest,while the weight portion of class gives special attention to the arms, back, lower abs, and other muscle groups throughout the body.

Shrina’s teaching background will assist from guiding your flow in and out of aerobic movements to proper strength training techniques.

She will push you to your limits, while aspiring to you leave feeling happier, stronger, and all around grateful for your body.

Shrina’s personal goal is "to remind you that your body is beautiful, and that you are capable of far more than what you believe you are able to do.”

So let's’ shake it, squat it, and all around - Sweat It Out.

10 class pass is now available for B3

Class is currently active. Drop-ins are welcome! ($20)

For dance you will need:
Indoor shoes, yoga mat, and dumbbells ranging from 2-4 lbs
Never danced before? No worries at all.
There is no dance experience required to take this class.
A little bit about Bollywood:

This dance form was created through the cinema industry and now takes centre stage as it captivates audiences with its energetic, infectious rhythms. This dance form ranges from simple to intricate, with music that speaks to every mood. Bollywood music is addictive and one may find it is quite difficult not to be dancing in your seat.

Just like in the movies you may find yourself dancing in a large group, your movements syncing to the person beside you and you might be smiling ear to ear.

A little bit about Bhangra:

Bhangra is a folk dance that originates from Punjab, India and can be heard playing at many celebratory events. The dhol (drum) when beaten sends vibrations through the body and can be felt to awaken the root and heart chakra. Shrina's Bhangra fusion is a style which incorporates the traditional style of Bhangra, fused with stylings of Hip Hop and Bollywood. This dance is high-energy and loud- both vocally and movement based; we will be exploring both.