The Happiness Design is a collaboration between sound artist, Katrina Campos a.k.a Kena Leon, and dance and yoga instructor, Shrina Patel of Shaktiflow.

Coming together for the first time to create an environment of balance and harmony, using yoga, music, movement.

Integrating all three components, this class is transformed into a journey inwards to both create space, and expand exponential from wherein the energy within you resides.

Happiness Design was inspired by the word kismet a belief that a force, beyond an individuals control, governs and acts upon the person; that which happens to a person. However, we believe that there is another force, that force is you.

The energy you cultivate within yourself is powerful and unique. It is ultimately this energy that decides and wills your life in the direction you see fit.

Happiness Design is where you can tap into this energy, rejuvenate its life force and bring it into fruition. We are here to guide you; to assist you as you design the blueprint of happiness in your life.




The Happiness Design

The Happiness Design


Katrina Campos (a.k.a. Kena Zoro) has a love for playing and creating music that started at the age of 3 on her first piano lesson. Since then, Katrina has been trained in classical and contemporary keyboard style piano under Yamaha School of Music Davao, Dauk Music Method and The Royal Conservatory of Music.

Wanting to expand her training, Katrina went on to study music technology and ethnomusicology at the University of Alberta. In addition to her music degree, Katrina specialized in audio recording technology at OIART.

In addition, Katrina's belief that music should be available to all was the driving force in founding KraeC Musik Academy (Est. 2012).

When she is not teaching or recording, Katrina is busy capturing sounds and evolving them into something more complex.

"I bring the sonic story come to life with my original compositions and my technical skills in audio engineering."

Shrina Patel combines her background in dance with her teachings in yoga and mantra meditation to create expansion in the body and mind of her students. With the assistance of pranayama (breath-work), and Sanskrit mantras, the body and mind are guided to unfold thereby connecting us with our true selves.

Shrina encourages her students to let go and move with the music and the words. (More about the power of mantras here) By tapping into the seven chakras to access the purist form of our energy to guide us within.

Her goal is to help others manifest their dreams by helping them connect with the happiness; happiness that is stripped from societal norms and expectations.