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Shaktiflow is more than a dance and yoga studio. It is the place where you can come as you are, but can leave with a deeper understanding of who you are.

Through movement we find the compassion and courage to seek the truth; unravelling the layers to seek what rests in the heart, opening and uncovering our true nature.

Shaktiflow is movement based

Movement of our body and mind to spur ideas of change, to ultimately build perceptions to empower the individual, so they can empower their community.

We consist of movers and shakers, healers and connectors, but above all else we are community builders; everyday folk who are working towards building a consciousness society around us.

My name is Shrina Patel, and I am a dance choreographer and yoga teacher based in Edmonton, Canada.

My journey began at a young age. I was raised in a home by parents who believed strongly in teaching their children the importance of culture, both my Canadian and Indian heritage.

As a result we frequented trips to India. Immersing into a new world so unlike our comfortable Canada, where running water and American style flushing toilets were a faraway concept in the tiny remote villages in Gujarat, India. Knowing and living bits of my parents childhood have stayed with me, but most importantly, regardless of how little they had, I remember how much our culture had to offer. It was rich with music and dance, infused with aromas of spicy curries, and sweet chai, smiling faces and friendly conversations. That was the community I grew up in, both in Gujarat and in Edmonton.

It is the type of community I want to create for my friends’ children, my children, and future generations to live in.

Growing up I watched my Mom onstage dancing to our folk songs-they would always make me play Krishna.

And weekend mornings I would awake to Dad in a headstand- just y’know casually hanging out.

Fast forward.

My journey has had many dips and turns, but what has stayed constant has been my three passions- performing, advocating for human rights, and empowering individuals.

I founded Shaktiflow in 2014, with the vision to turn my passions into my life’s work. Shakti means divine feminine strength or power, not in the physical sense, but the ability to tap in to build and harness the quality of feminine- a fearless self-exploration into the abundance within you.

In October of 2017, I became certified in Akhanda Yoga at Anand Prakash Yoga ashram by Guru Yogrishi Vishvketu and was gifted the spiritual name, Krishna Abha, which means Light of divine love & consciousness.

In honour of my name and the journey I have lived thus far, I intend to continue spreading knowledge and love, teaching others to live more fully in the present with mindfulness for themselves and others.

In honour of the name Shaktiflow, I will further pursue working to challenge the society’s views for women's place and advocate for women who have suffered domestic violence and abuse.


I’d like to Thank my Mom for pushing me into dance.

I was a shy kid, happy with books.

Not much has changed- I still love my books.

And Dad for Yoga; endless conversations about the universe, karma, the importance of mantras, the list goes on.

And to both my parents, for being an example for what is means to stand for the truth, to fight for it, and to support it.

Special thanks to my little brother, who has been my divine light throughout my journey.