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Yoga has become a way of life for me. It has integrated into my daily routine, creating reminders along the way to breathe.

Breathe into the difficult moments; the feelings of fear, anxiousness, and doubt. Breathe deeply into sadness; allow your heart to fill and empty completely.

Breathe when you feel overjoyed with happiness, love, or simply grateful for the company, the moment.

Breathe and count slowly to four. Allow your belly and chest to fill, feeling deeply rooted in the present; immerse yourself in these moments - to experience your life moment by moment.

Yoga grounds me and at the same time liberates me. Removing distractions and doubts and has helped to align me to my true nature.

Yoga is a practice and a process over time.

The path of yoga acts as a guide to aligning our true nature and cultivate ‘direct seeing’; to identify that which is truly important in order to achieve balance and harmony within, and in doing so become the best versions of our ‘self’ for ourselves and our community.


Akhanda Yoga

The Akhanda Yoga approach comprises of both Hatha and Raja yoga, which emphasizes a balanced practice of both solar and lunar energies, or the right and left energy channels in the body. The Akhanda yoga class incorporates various aspects of yoga theory and practice, including a balanced sequencing of asana (poses), pranayama (breath), relaxation, mantra, and meditation.

This class artfully weaves the elements of these six traditional paths of yoga to help guide students inwards; balancing energies for physical and subtle alignment.

This class focuses on respecting the body in its present state, while working towards strengthening and opening through each posture.

This holistic approach to yoga serves as a toolkit for the journey in everyday life. “When you are open to receive, you have the ability to give back. Yoga teaches us to extend with grace, kindness, and compassion to ourselves, in order to extend to our family, loved ones, and those in our community”.

Krishna Abha's approach to yoga strives to bring balance and harmony and to lead to the expansion of our true nature that of gratitude and oneness.

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create extension always


Yin Flow

Yin Flow is a dance between both yang and yin.

From holding and hugging our bones, joints and stimulating the muscles, we float in and out of poses; ending finally with a surrendering and settling into the softness of our tissues, activating the body's natural healing process.

As we age, our movements become rigid and less smoother, and the risk of injury and healing time gradually increases. However, our body’s are beautifully built with the capability to remain graceful throughout our lives. Muscles respond well to rhythmic movement, while adequate rest activates the body’s natural repair response. Yin Flow artfully contains these two concepts, and coaxes the body’s biological response to heal itself.

We mindfully move to the sensation of our breath, going to places of tension and stress with the intention to bring grace and suppleness back to the body, promoting balance, harmony and a sense of wholeness back to our self.

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Come to your Edge, Mindfully surrender, and Breathe and Nourish mind, body, and self

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is the invitation to find stillness within ourselves.

It is the practice of inward-drawn attention to develop compassion, healing, and release both in the body and the mind.

We work with stillness to find where energy is blocked and gently coerce the energy out of stagnation and back into movement with pranayama, the ancient art of breathwork.

In order to move forward, we need to let go of what it is that is holding us in place.We work with breath to go deeper, to release.

The intention of yin yoga is to surrender and find rest in the poses, overcoming any discomfort our body and mind hold, teaching us to let go and release that which is not useful to us.

This class is a slow, steady, and often stationary practice, poses are held for a longer period of time as we remain attentive to the sensations coming forth, while relaxing into the rigidity and tension held in and around the joints. We use props for modification and variations to support openness and release; helping the body to ease into the poses, allowing gravity to have us.

Purchase a 10-Class Pass
$20 Drop-in

please reserve your spot in advance (space is limited)