Through movement we find the compassion and courage to seek the truth; unravelling the layers to seek what rests in the heart, opening and uncovering our true nature.

I was apprehensive trying out Bollywood dance for the first time as I had no dance background, but the moment that I stepped into Shrina’s class my nerves went away. She has such a wonderful energy and enthusiasm that she brings to every class. Highly recommend! 

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Shrina has a way of making us feel at ease and supported right from the get go. Her unique yet coherent and well thought out approach at teaching left me feeling grounded and at peace, and also wanting more! I felt the positive effects, both physically and emotionally, for days after. I look forward to another class with her!

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Dancing is one of the ultimate expressions of joy - a celebration of the gift of life. You can exercise anywhere, but Shrina's classes allow you to invigorate both your body and soul at once. I'm not a good dancer and I'm not in the best shape, but I come away from each session feeling improved and enlightened.

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